'Save western ghats' by Swachh Karkala Brigade

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'Save western ghats' by Swachh Karkala Brigade

'Save western ghats' by Swachh Karkala Brigade

Apr 14, 2021 12:02:18 PM (IST)
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Udupi: On April 11 as part of a team, Swachh Karkala Brigade’s “Save western Ghats” initiative a massive cleanup was organised in Paje Gudde Ghat Section in between Nallur & Nelikar Villages. This stretch of road is covered by thick forests, steep turns, curves and locally known to be the land of ‘Bhrama Rakshasa’ a Tulu folklore demon who haunts travellers at night.

However, the ‘Bhrama Rakshasa’ is nowhere to be seen, not due to Corona but due to a bigger pandemic of unscientific & uncivilised dumping of garbage in this pristine forest.

It took nearly 200 people and 6 truck loads to clear out this garbage which contained everything from liquor bottles to diapers to cloths to paint boxes to hardware materials to beds to commodes to electrical waste and what not. The garbage that was collected was handed over to the Nallur Gram Panchayath under whose jurisdiction this Ghat Section lies. 

The citizens of Nallur & Nelikar villagers apart from inviting the team, also joined the team in huge numbers. Yuva Spandana Mundli was also part of the campaign. What more, Anti Naxal Force Jawans too joined the team at the Anti Naxal Camp all the way from Karkala Town in such huge numbers. The lower stretch of the Ghat could not have been cleared without the Herculean skills & strength of these Jawans.

In order to ensure that this beautiful stretch of mature won’t be again used as a dumping yard team, Swachh Karkala Brigade has written a requisition letter to the Zilla Panchayat, Pollution Control Board, Karkala Rural Police Station and Nallur Gram Panchayat. 
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