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Bengaluru Central Crime Branch conducts raid, seizes drugs

Central Crime Branch

According to sources, the Central Crime Branch (CCB) in Bengaluru conducted a raid at a farmhouse near Electronic City following a tip-off about a rave party on Sunday. During the raid, authorities seized ‘Ecstasy’ pills, cocaine, and other narcotics. The event reportedly hosted over 100 attendees, including more than 25 young women, hailing from Andhra Pradesh and Bengaluru. Among the participants were DJs, models, actors, and tech professionals. The gathering, allegedly organized as a birthday celebration by Vasu from Hyderabad, took place from 5 pm on May 18 to 6 am on May 19.


During the operation, a pass linked to an MLA from Andhra Pradesh was discovered in a vehicle parked at the venue. Additionally, more than 15 luxury cars were found on-site, indicating a lavish affair estimated to cost Rs 50 lakh per day. The incident led to a case being filed at the Electronic City Police Station.

In a subsequent update, Bengaluru City Police Commissioner B Dayananda announced that blood samples from the party attendees had been collected and sent to a laboratory for analysis. Out of the over 100 guests, five have been arrested. Commissioner Dayananda emphasized the seizure of various drugs and noted that many attendees were from locations outside Karnataka.

Providing further details, Commissioner Dayananda stated, “On the night of May 19, based on specific information, Bengaluru Police’s CCB raided a farmhouse at Electronic City where around 100 individuals were gathered, and drugs and narcotic substances were discovered. A case has been filed, and five arrests have been made. We await the results of the attendees’ blood samples. Most of them were from outside the state, and there were no elected representatives present, except for one actress.”

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