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Saturday, April 13 2024
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Eulogy to the trees in Jeppu that once stood tall and proud!

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“The true meaning of life is to plant a tree under whose shade you do not expect to sit”, says Nelson Anderson.
A few years ago as I was doing my graduation, I used to drive through the Valencia road to my college. I always used to admire the trees in that area- the beautiful huge trees, the cool breeze they gave and delighted the people who went on that road.

I do not know the person who planted those trees. But I always felt that they did a tremendous job. They were the Salumarada Thimmaka’s for the residents of Valencia, Jeppu. I always felt that all the roads in Mangalore should have such trees so that people stand under the shade of these trees on a hot sunny afternoon and rest for a while.

But as those trees were being chopped off one by one, I felt immense pain in my heart. The trees now lie there lifeless and not cared for. The trees which once gave shade to numerous people, gave fresh air, protected several people from rains, have no one to care for them now. The path for smart city has rooted out the life from these trees, and made way for 4 lane roads.

We have always taught about the development of a city or nation. We build roads, footpaths, bus stands etc to fulfill the needs of people. It is a need and necessity. But have we ever thought of the development of the forest, nature, or the trees? Cutting trees gloriously is easy but planting a sapling and taking care of it is a heavy duty.

When all trees are cut down, when all the animals are dead, when water sources are poisoned, when air is unsafe to breathe, only then will we realize that we can’t eat what we have built. We have reached to a situation where we cut down trees and make paper, and write “SAVE TREES” on them. We may gloriously chop down a tree today but, we will realize that what we do to the environment, we do to ourselves.

Time will soon come when our lungs will thirst for fresh air, our blood streams will search for clean water. Let us wake up from our dogmatic slumber and stand by for what is right. To walk towards our better future let’s take a step today. Let the sacrifice of those trees at Valencia and Jeppu enlighten us to plant, care and protect more trees.

MCC Mayor clarifies

Speaking to News Karnataka, Mayor Jascintha Alfred said that the trees have been cut down after the forest department granted permission for the same. “We have already planted saplings and also asked the Gorigudda school authority to maintain it. We have asked them to plant saplings and maintain trees in the Gorigudda to Nandigudda stretch, she said.

A tribute to trees of Valencia and Jeppu in Mangaluru

The words I speak today,
Needs no applause.
Nor the wisdom in words.
Let them be a language
To my hearts feelings today.
To burn the feelings of death
Of he who gave me shade,
Let my words be firewood.

Those who walked by,
You become to be a shade giver.
For neighbors, a breath giver.
You are a saint who bowed down,
When your body was torn apart by a ‘chainsaw’.

In rain and summer too
You were an umbrella,
By being a tent to sleep under,
For being a resting place,
You gave us a way near your trunk.
And became Mangaloreans’ loved one.

During the time of betrayal,
The tears ‘we need you’
Became some manure to you,
Before the tear could reach the roots
Poison they turned into.

When I marched the same path,
Under your shadow as a Child,
You guided me to gain sense
I have become shrewd today,
As much as to see your end.

The tree who gave me shade,
Expects mine in return!
‘Take my shade,
O tree, put down near my feet.
At least for some time…’
I surrender my panegyric to you.

Poem by Jovin Sequeira

Eulogy to the trees in Jeppu that once stood tall and proud!
Eulogy to the trees in Jeppu that once stood tall and proud!

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