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Parents, Oh Parents, If You Ever Knew What Exams Do to Them

Student Prepares for Exam to the Point of Death
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While there seems to be no end to the number of cases revolving around tensed students and their exams, here is a recent one with a student having to undergo surgery for yet another goof up resulting from worry on her exams. 

Now, what did she do? As most of you would have guessed by now, here is another young girl who sat up late at night, and in fact all night to store in answers that to write the next day in the test. 

And how did she manage to do it all? Well, her parents, on having checked her drawer after the dreadful incident, were only too shocked to find a bottle of pills, no, not sleeping pills, but anti-sleeping ones. 

Parents, you’ll need to keep an eye on what the kids are doing with all that pocket money, or don’t give them any. 

Because no, this is not the first time a student is caught in such an incident. Sadly, anti-sleeping pills are becoming the trend among exam students today, to stay up nights after nights till they find themselves in situations like this. 

In fact, reports even suggest that a lot of these pills are smuggled from abroad, and are dangerous to the extent that crossing a certain limit can lead to death. And these are the kinds of situations that students can get themselves in today, so parents, watch out, you have to be scared. 

These drugs seem to be making tours across counties, with ours being one among them. Taking the names of chuniya and meetho, these are different forms of modafinil and are mainly a hype among these young ones for the fact that the boost the memory, apart from keeping individuals awake for over 40 hours at a stretch. 

So, from this, one can only imagine the amount of sleep that a student has to catch up on in the end, and to believe that these are the kinds of games that the youth today seem to be playing with their health. 

And for what? To learn the dates and names of history, formulas of chemistry, and theorems of geometry, which suddenly seem to be so important that students are willing to pay any amount, even their health. 

What if we were to tell you that these are the kinds of pills that terrorists use in those emergency hours to stay awake. For it’s true, and will hopefully discourage students in the future from using them. 

Students sadly just don’t seem to understand that while exams are important, their scores are not as important as their health. Years down the line, the number on a certificate is no longer going to matter, not if your children do not have the right health. 

So, parents, be watchful, and know what is going on with your children in the end. Keep cajoling them that as long as they are doing their best, it’s okay and they do not have to top the class or come out with a rank in the end. 

If they fail, we can always work out a way, and life always gives you a second chance, but perhaps not your health. And finally, do not compare your children to another. They want to know that they are special to you, and they want to hear it from you, so if you haven’t comforted them with these words up till now, it’s high time you did that to them. 

Whereas for the young girl in question here, we do hope that life gives her another chance on her health. 

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