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Wheelchair User’s Distressing Air Travel Ordeal Sparks Airline Review


A Canadian travel enthusiast who shares her experiences as a wheelchair user on social media recently recounted a distressing incident after being assisted off an Air Canada flight in Costa Rica. Tori Hunter uploaded a video on Instagram showing her descent from the aircraft using a malfunctioning aisle chair, with her father’s support evident in the footage.

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In her post caption, Hunter described the ordeal as frightening, highlighting the inadequacies of the chair and the apparent lack of proper training among the assisting staff. She expressed feeling utterly powerless and disconnected from her body during the experience, emphasizing that she had never anticipated such a situation, assuming the availability of jet bridges commonly used in airports.

Despite her passion for sharing her travels, Hunter emphasized the harsh reality of flying with a disability, stressing the need for a more dignified and secure approach to air travel for disabled individuals in the modern age.

Hunter disclosed that she had informed the airline about her circumstances well in advance, expecting suitable arrangements to be made. However, Air Canada attributed the incident to the unavailability of a jet bridge at the airport, asserting that they adhered to disability assistance protocols.

Acknowledging the viral attention garnered by Hunter’s video, Air Canada pledged to reassess airport procedures to enhance service consistency, particularly in smaller foreign stations.

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