Great crime to have 800 trees cut down for Heli Tourism’

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Great crime to have 800 trees cut down for Heli Tourism’

Great crime to have 800 trees cut down for Heli Tourism’

L K   ¦    Apr 16, 2021 09:32:16 PM (IST)

Great crime to have 800 trees cut down for Heli Tourism’-1

Mysuru: KPCC spokesperson M lakshman said that it is a great crime to have eight hundred trees cut down for the Heli tourism by the Forest Department officials on the instructions of the Tourism Department.

Addressing a press conference at the city's congress office, he said that a case should be filed against forest officials for marking 800 trees before speaking with the Tree Authority, the public and taking their opinion. He also questioned whether no other place was found for this project other than this place in the city.

“While Pratap Simha has said that he will provide a place at the airport, what makes him adamant to choose this place,” he said, expressing outrage towards Tourism Minister C.P. Yogeshwar.

State government formed Tree Authority in Mysore in 2006 and it's presidentship is under mayor. If anyone wants to cut a single tree then it's imperative that they need to take permission by Tree Authority. However, here the forest department has failed to take its permission, he emphasized.

At the Deputy Forest Conservators Office, a public hearing will be held to gather public opinion on tree cutting and submission of opinion on the same on April 23 at 11 am. This is a pre-planned meeting by the BJP, which intends to get permission to cut down trees by calling people from outside. The Congress party is also going to object at this meeting. Forest officials should work on behalf of the citizens of Mysore, he added.

“The forest department's job is to plant saplings and save trees in the city. But current forest officials are trying to cut down the trees,” he said. “For running double-decker buses they cut down branches of trees on major roads in the city. Now, even in Vijayanagara, they are planning to cut down trees for road construction. If you can’t plant sapling atleast save trees which is there in city," he requested.

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